Short Blog 4- A Writing Piece on Choosing the University of Toronto- Inspired by a Ronna Bloom prompt

This was written during a workshop with the speaker, poet, and psychotherapist Ronna Bloom. The prompt was to elaborate on why I and my classmates chose to attend the University of Toronto as well as the setting or atmosphere that inspired the decision.

It was a cold bright morning. I was sitting In the school library during my spare period with my friends studying for a math quiz. It was the week before Christmas break during senior year. Sitting on the blue and green bean bags, which are more comfortable in name than use, four of my friends and I shared that we had all gotten our acceptances to the University of Toronto, St. George campus. We were all pleasantly overwhelmed by the exciting news and we had already begun planning our future experiences and train trips. All this planning was before any one of us had even decided that this was the university we wanted to attend. Later, on my own, I had narrowed down my university choices to 3. I made several pros and cons lists and yet I had made no progress with regard to my decision. I felt as though I had to dig beneath the surface and trust my instincts. I attempted to look to my future self and realized I could not see myself as a student of any other university; I was already picturing my early train rides, my strolls around the campus, and my study sessions at the libraries vividly. The University of Toronto is where I was ultimately determined to start the new chapter of my life.

Hello! I am Nadine Hamie. I am a UofT Life Sciences student specializing in Environment and Toxicology.