The neglect for environmental protection became evident when official plans to pave protected wetlands in Pickering, Ontario were expected to have been authorized by Premier Doug Ford in the fall of 2020 (Crawley 11 Mar. 2021). However, these plans created concern within Pickering locals and many who were aware of…

Short Blog 8- A Comment on Frederic Belandres’ Long Blog Post 3 — Domestic Violence: A Threat Worsened by COVID-19

Domestic abuse is an insurmountable issue that has definitely been amplified as a result of the covid-19 restrictions mandating that people stay home for long periods of time. This blog…

During the first few months of 2020, Ontario received the news that it had its first case of covid-19. A full lockdown followed this news and involved the closing of stores, schools, and homes in Toronto to anyone but their inhabitants.

This news was unexpected and abrupt to many since…

Short Blog 7-Response to Erin Jeong’s “Fighting Period Poverty in Toronto”:

I absolutely admire the awareness you are spreading in this blog. It has been a long fight for the luxury tax to be removed off products that are not luxuries to buy. The stigma around periods and menstruation is an unfortunate one that makes a human body function a potential fuel for embarrassment which it should not be. Continuing to write about this issue is integral and the recognition of mental health diseases as a result of “period poverty” is something that our society should definitely begin working on as soon as possible and in a vast proportions.

A “Masks/face coverings are mandatory,” sign at a local No Frills supermarket in Pickering, Ontario
A “Masks/face coverings are mandatory,” sign at a local No Frills supermarket in Pickering, Ontario

The approach No Frills took with regards to portraying the mandated “wear your mask at all times” message was a rather sophisticated message. The popular Canadian supermarket company addresses all that needs to be addressed in a few concise sentences which is a position that conveys the crucial significance of wearing a mask during this pandemic. This is a valuable way to go about the message since even though it doesn’t address mandated masks in a playful or joking manner such as other signs, it covers the seriousness of the issue through succinct and understandable language.

overflowing trash container in streets of Toronto
Overflowing trash container in streets of Toronto

It has invariably been known that our planet has been undergoing “advancement” at the hands of humans. The alleged claim is that humans are moving forward when in fact we are heading several steps in the opposite direction. Through industrial progression comes the increase of plastic pollution and the size…

An image of a 1900 city of Toronto dairy delivery in progress. Pictured is a dairy company worker next to a horse-drawn wagon abundant in glass milk-bottles and travelling across a neighbourhood. The atmosphere depicts an early morning of simplicity and warmth from a routine ride around the block to distribute dairy while simultaneously portraying a worker on the job who has the responsibility to tend to a horse, a wagon, and a whole neighbourhood’s supply of milk, all for what would be considered an “honest man’s wage.” This “honest wage” is enough to keep a worker occupied for many seasons serving their community while also subjecting them to the bright and early chatter and the happenings of modest neighbourhood-living.

Work Cited

City of Toronto Archives SC 198–3. “City Dairy Company driver and horse drawn wagon,” 1900.

This was written during a workshop with the speaker, poet, and psychotherapist Ronna Bloom. The prompt was to elaborate on why I and my classmates chose to attend the University of Toronto as well as the setting or atmosphere that inspired the decision.

It was a cold bright morning. I…

Personal image taken at Petticoat Creek Conservation Area

One aspect of Pickering, Ontario that is lesser-known is that it contains an abundance of hiking and walking trails. This image is a depiction of a summer day in one of Petticoat Creek Conservation Area’s walking trails. Do not be alarmed by the messages on the trees, this area is a great place where many families and friends come to spend pleasant summer days and engage safely with the wilderness as they cherish the midsummer breeze.

In Hiba Ahmed’s short blog, “My Perspective of the City,” she mentioned being a St. George campus, University of Toronto student and yet had not been to the campus herself. I highly relate to this point as I’m sure an abundance of other first-year students do as well. Our introductory…

Nadine Hamie

Hello! I am Nadine Hamie. I am a UofT Life Sciences student specializing in Environment and Toxicology.

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